Office - Services

  • General office services
  • Languages (oral and written translations)
  • Activities to provide market access

We provide you with postal address in Frankfurt (Oder) as follows:
     c/o MG Consulting
     Im Technologiepark 1,
     15236 Frankfurt (Oder),

We will provide a contact person and office space for communication with your clients and business counterparts in Germany and EU. This service is recommended in case you being a foreign company and having set up a company in Germany, but for the time being you do not have your own office space, or you have not yet set up your company in Germany and wish to keep communication with your clients and business partners in Germany.

We offer options:
      Contact address + mail forwarding
   + telephone service
   + office support
   + gathering information and assessing available market data

Our services include but not limited to: typing, copying and translation services, communication services such as telephone service, e-mail and post services, furthermore processing visa formalities, arranging business trips and business visits as well as corresponding interpretation services. In addition, we single out companies that can be of interest to you, gather and analyze markets information, prepare presentation materials.

You can choose between billing on a hourly rate basis or all inclusive packages. Additionally, cost calculation for materials, telephone communication and mailing is based on incoming and outgoing mail logbooks, telephone bills and documentary evidence.

You can find the complete list of our services here...

MG Consulting
Chopinring 7
15890 Eisenh√ľttenstadt
Tel.:   +49 (3364) 7351439
Fax:   +49 (3364) 7351439