Export / Import - Service


  • Selecting suppliers
  • Concluding contracts
  • Effecting and monitoring payments   
  • Completing orders
  • Shipping and transporting goods


  • Selecting clients
  • Concluding contracts
  • Effecting and monitoring payments
  • Importing goods
  • Completing orders
  • Transporting goods within Germany and EU

Entering the German and European markets at the initial and first growth stages can be characterized by import/export activities with changing clients and small delivery quantities. If your company does not yet have a branch office in Germany that acts as operator for delivery and settlement activities, then we are prepared to take over these functions.

Furthermore, at the “get-to-know stage” potential German clients may be relieved from import/export related expenses (of administrative and payment nature) as well as from corresponding “headache” that makes it easier to establish effective business contacts. 

Delivery and payment costs from/to Germany can be reduced if cross-border and administrative processes will be combined and unified.

A local operator would be able to combine deliveries intended for different clients, recomplete and ship them over Germany, and thus realizing special effects. In opposite direction, it also would be possible to gather, complete and export a number of deliveries as a single shipment from Germany to your address.

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