Representative office

  • Setting up and maintaining a representative office
  • Market analyzes and market entry
  • Attracting clients
  • Sales negotiations
  • Establishing contractual relations
  • Importing / exporting


MG Consulting can organize a representative office of your company in Frankfurt (Oder) or in Berlin/Brandenburg as an independent or a dependent branch.

A dependent branch or a "representative office" can be set up on a low cost level, and which activities can be administered by simplified administrative regulations. A dependent branch has limited rights only, for example, it cannot enter into agreements nor make out invoices. A dependent representative office acts exclusive on behalf of the foreign company. This form of representation is suitable for representation purposes, such as, for example, advertising or making presentations as well as for attracting new clients and establishing contractual relations. An advantage of this form is a relatively small business risk and it's establishment is recommended at the initial market penetration stage.

An independent representative office, as a rule, is set up as GmbH*), a shareholder company with limited liabilities. The shareholder capital must be 25.000 € as minimum. Liability is limited to the size of the shareholder capital and does not apply to the shareholders itself. This form of representative office fully independently operates in all business and legal aspects. A GmbH can be set up by a number, but also by one single shareholder. It will be established by concluding an "establishment agreement" to be notarized by a German notary. A registration at the commercial register is required.

In case of continuous growth of business activities or entering into larger contracts it is recommended to set up an independent branch as GmbH.

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*) Other legal forms of companies with shareholder capital are joint-stock companies and joint-stock partnerships in commendam.

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