MG Consulting is an independent company. We are exclusively acting on the instructions and interests of our clients. Our goal is to achieve maximum of professionalism and high quality. We guarantee absolute confidentiality and trustworthiness.

We are accountable only and exclusively to our clients.

Our goal is to quickly and efficiently achieve desired goals. We do not offer theoretical advices, but practical steps to be taken. We assist you in your way through authorities, official agencies and private business interests.

Each action invokes reaction –
any activity is just an element of an entire process.
How does some kind of business activity affect the final result?
In what cases is a “less is more” principle applied?
Is this success a real success?
Only knowledge of the whole process
makes it possible to achieve the goals.

Entering a foreign market is a complex process being characterized, in addition to other issues, by impossibility of accelerating its implementation due to, for example, time-consuming procedures for official applications and permissions. Therefore, in parallel we actively develop sub-procedures required for achieving a desired goal. This enables us to avoid dependence on a single official authority and to compensate technological down-time periods by concentrating efforts on other important tasks that are also components of the entire process.

Doing business abroad can be challenging, however it includes, apart from business risks, a significant risk potential that cannot be estimated or predicted. There are various reasons for this, which can be significant or trivial but all of them derive from the typical characteristics of a given country.

Doing business with us you will be on firm grounds.

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